My 2016 Travel Resolutions

Of Those Who Wander - - My 2016 Travel Resolutions

It’s 2016 everyone, and that means a thousand exciting opportunities to pack my bags and rush off to the next destination in my wanderings. Or it would be, in a perfect world! But, as I’m sure is the case for most of you guys as well, life just seems to get in the way and I have to plunge head-first into tackling school, work and other life commitments just as my feet are itching to be off the beaten path again. So as I brought in the New Year with my friends, family, and a gorgeous chicken schnitzel, I decided to make some special specific travel resolutions to help me stick to my travel goals.

Of course travelling also means blogging, so some of these goals are to help me get off the couch, throw my camera and laptop in a bag and get cracking on documenting my wanderings so you guys can come along too. That’s why I’m here after all!

So, read on for a few 2016 resolutions from your favourite wanderer.

I resolve to…Explore my own backyard

Too often I’ve found myself scrolling through my Facebook news food and looking enviously at the epic adventures my friends are having all across the globe while I grumble “I wish that could be me! If only I had more money, time, etc. to hop on a plane and just take off.”

While a trip overseas is just not realistic for me at the moment (I’m looking at you student debt) that doesn’t mean I can’t travel. I live in the heart of Queensland, the land of sunshine, beaches, wildlife, rainforests, hiking galore and cosmopolitan city living, and that means that there must be some adventures waiting to happen much closer to home. All I need is a bag with my travel essentials, and a full tank of petrol to get out there and explore the rich diversity of my own backyard. So it’s not as exciting as jetting off to Japan or Turkey, who cares? I’m willing to bet that exploring will be just as fun– and certainly much easier on my sadly dusty wallet.

Of Those Who Wander - - My 2016 Travel Resolutions

Cabarita Beach, located in northern New South Wales, is only a few hours drive from Brisbane.

I resolve to…Utilize the weekend

It’s Friday night and I clamber into bed with a good book and mumble “I’ll decide where to go tomorrow”; now it’s Saturday morning and I eyeball my destination to-do list before deciding to decide later (yes, that’s a thing); now I’ve been binge-watching YouTube for three hours and my window of opportunity for exploring has closed; Now it’s Saturday night and I shrug casually to myself and say “Eh, I’ll just go see a movie or something tomorrow”. Thus, an entire weekend goes past without any wandering – it’s a familiar routine, right? While this sort of chilled weekend can be nice every once in a while, in 2016 I really want to kick myself in the butt and push to at least explore one thing new every weekend I get the opportunity to.

Lately I’ve been stockpiling a number of day-trips, weekend destinations and sights in and around Brisbane and I’ve decided 2016 is the year to start striking them off the list. Don’t forget to subscribe via email in the form to your right, or follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated for these adventures!

I resolve to…Face my anxiety

Now I’m a generally anxious person for whom the thought of even travelling home on a bus at 10pm at night leaves me with a tight feeling in my chest and a queasy stomach. Unfortunately this anxiety is also the reason why I stop myself from doing things I would like to do. Usually my anxiety manifests in the form of a logistics problem like’ oh you won’t be able to get home if you do that’, even though I could catch public transport, or ‘you probably wouldn’t like it because of [insert excuse here]’; in this way I let my anxiety and fear rule my decision making. Combine this with a severe case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and sometimes I feel like I’m a hot mess, which in turn doesn’t help the anxiety.

Fellow anxious people listen up because this is my resolution: 2016 is the year to do. That will be my mantra when my brain starts throwing up reasons of why I shouldn’t or can’t do something, sometimes you just got to do. Now I’m not saying through all the caution to the wind, my poor nerves couldn’t take that, but I’m going to at least try something new when I normally wouldn’t.

I resolve to…Keep my travel budget on track

Boring, but essential. For about a year now I have kept a constant transfer of $15 a week into my savings account, lovingly dubbed the travel fund. The fund took a few hits as some once-in-a-lifetime concert opportunities came along that weren’t strictly travel related (-cough- Of Monsters and Men in Brisbane –cough-).  This year I plan on making sure the money that goes into that account doesn’t go anywhere else. $15 a week for a whole year is about $700, which could just be enough for that plane ticket to Cambodia I’ve been so desperately planning for. When I look at things that way, not buying that extra book or skirt that I don’t really need becomes a little bit easier.

I resolve to…Blog, Blog, Blog

So this one’s pretty self-explanatory, with all that backyard travelling comes the opportunity for a gazillion more blog posts. So, I resolve to write and blog as much as I can, and to keep my social media feeds filled with inspiring photos to help you guys discover your next dream destination. Keep your eyes peeled for a new blog post every Saturday and head on over to my Instagram for my #throwbackthursday photography series, where I share the best of my travel photos from Europe.

Of Those Who Wander - - My 2016 Travel Resolutions

St Stephen’s Cathedral, located in the Brisbane CBD, was open to the public during the Brisbane Open House festival in 2015.

I resolve to…Get Creative

Maybe this is coming off the back of some pretty awesome experimentation as part of my journalism degree, but I would like to do more with video for this blog in the New Year. I’ll admit I have a YouTube addiction and there’s just nothing better to sitting down to my favourite travel vloggers and explorers after a hard day of…well, not travelling! Beautiful cinematography, quirky music and in-the-moment insight you just can’t get from any other medium have inspired me to dip my toes into the world of travel videos.

I also want to learn more about photography so that I can give you guys a high-quality impression of my latest travel love, as well as keep that Instagram looking fresh. Hey, I’m not afraid to admit it!

2015 was a pretty great year, and 2016 is a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with unforgettable memories and experiences that I hope to be able to continue sharing with you. I’m pretty excited for what we’ll get up to!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Got any travel goals or plans you’re dying to share? I would love to hear about all of it in a comment down below or by shooting me an email at

Shannon xx


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