Cabarita Beach: NSW’s best kept secret

Of Those Who Wander - - Cabarita Beach New South Wales' best kept secret

Cabarita Beach, situated on pristine white sand only a two-hour drive from Brisbane, is one of New South Wales’ (NSW) best kept secrets with its breathtaking ocean views and hiking trails built for spending a magical day exploring the picture-perfect coastline.

In my last post I said I was itching to get out and explore the travel destinations all around me, and what better place to start than dipping my toes into the chilly water of the Pacific as I headed to Cabarita Beach with a mindset of rest and relaxation.

The first thing I noticed was the steep climb to the headland, or down from the headland to the beach as I walked, and the undeniably spectacular views from the top. Deep-blue waves crashed against black volcanic rock as the participants in Cabarita’s famous surfing scene tried their luck against the swell. Intrepid explorers headed away from the siren-call of the perfect beach to start the long hike to the very top of the headland, while I was too busy snapping away photos to even attempt any hiking. You see what I do for you guys!

Next it was time to hit the beach. Warm sand, and a skyline that went on forever without the usual large crowds that descend on the many spectacular beaches on Australia’s eastern coast, was the perfect spot for a read and a chat while the sun warmed my back. Flags and lifeguards were also abundant at Cabarita, so those among us who can’t resist a good swim in the ocean can go wild and get wet.

I had a great time exploring and photographing the volcanic rocks that are particularly concentrated to one end of Cabarita Beach. These rocks often contain miniature rock pools with all manner of microscopic sea life left behind as the tide recedes in the morning sun; and of course they provide the perfect platform to climb up on and pretend that you are the prettiest mermaid that the beach ever did see. Err, not that I would know, that’s just what I’ve heard.

Unfortunately there is one down-side to the perfect weekend destination that is Cabarita Beach: parking. I recommend getting to Cabarita super early, or staying overnight if you can, especially if you are unable to tackle the steep climb to the beach and need direct beach-access, because parking is few and far between. I managed to find a park in a packed-dirt area sectioned off right at the top of a steep hill, but the single lane in and out of the area was a really tight squeeze and was already nearly full at nine o’clock in the morning.

Of Those Who Wander - - Cabarita Beach New South Wales' best kept secret

Parking is a very real issue at Cabarita, but the views are worth any hassle.

Fortunately, there was a well-maintained wooden board-walk leading from the car-park to the beach across some of those iconic black soap-stone rocks. But, if you can’t manage the stairs, I can see how accessing Cabarita could become more of a nightmare then the perfect beach-day it could be.

There is direct beach access from Cabarita proper, as is there some truly mouth-watering burgers on offer at the beach-front pub for all you foodies, so all hope is not lost for that relaxation time that you deserve.

Nestled between two wind-breaking headlands and featuring the most beautifully blue water I have ever seen, Cabarita Beach is a slice of heaven wrapped in the guise of a small-town beach getaway. Relatively unknown, pristine and a favourite even with the locals, Cabarita just can’t be beat as the destination of your next weekend or day trip. I know I’ll certainly be back!

Shannon xx

Where’s your go-to spot for the perfect beach-day? What’s your favourite thing to do at the beach? Let me know in the comments down below or shoot me an email, I’d love to hear your stories!


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